The first interview ever with Temple Of The Black Moon

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Publisert 9:00 25 January, 2012

I write this in English because this might be interesting to foreign fans who doesn’t understand Norwegian. Anyhow. This is the first interview conducted with the new metal-supergroup Temple Of The Black Moon. At least that’s what they told me….

Temple Of The Black Moon is somewhat of a supergroup consisting of Rob Caggiano (Anthrax), King Ov Hell (God Seed), John Tempesta (The Cult), Dani Filth (Cradle Of Filth) and Ice Dale (Enslaved). There has been a lot of talk about this band, and we managed to get the first interview the band has ever given together, and we also managed to get some audio-snippets of the songs they recorded in Bergen, Norway a few days ago.

Temple Of The Black Moon has been a project that a few of the members have had for a long time, but now things are beginning to happen. There’s still no concrete plan in regards to when and through who these songs will be released, but it seems that this will be sorted shortly. The main thing is that the members were together in Bergen and recorded the music, and now you can hear more about the plans in the interview below. I met Rob Caggiano, Dani Filth and King Ov Hell and this is what they told me (actually nothing that King said got into this edited version, but whatever…):

Temple Of The Black Moon intervju

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