Endelig til Norge! Vi snakker med Dave Hill

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Publisert 16:09 29 January, 2014

Mannen i baris er standup-komiker Dave Hill på konsert med Def Leppard. Denne uken besøker han Norge for første gang, og vi snakker med ham om Kvelertak, hvorfor Danmark er Norge sin bitch, og den berømte Def Leppard-konserten.

Her i Pyro er vi fans av en rekke komikere, men helt der oppe troner Dave Hill som en bauta på fjelltoppen. Litt fordi han elsker metal, og han har gjort disse sakene på OL, mye fordi han har skrevet Verdens Beste Konsertanmeldelse av Poison og Def Leppard, men mest av alt fordi han er en enormt god standup-komiker. Jeg så ham to ganger i New York i forfjor, og det var aldeles strålende.

Nå kan du også se Dave Hill live! For torsdag kveld denne uken – altså i morgen når jeg skriver dette – står Dave Hill på scenen på Ricks sin Stand Up-scene i Bergen, og på lørdag rocker han Parkteatret på Crap Comedy-festivalen. Totto skal se ham i Bergen, jeg gleder meg til Parkteatret lørdag.

Du kan sjekke en liten bunke videoklipp med Dave Hill, men først en prat med Dave Hill in person. Det vil si: vi mailer om ståa før hans første show i Norge:

Dave! Welcome to Norway. What are your expectations for your first visit here?
– Thank you! I’m really excited to come to Norway. It’s my first time. As far as Scandinavia goes, I’ve been to Denmark, which was great, but I’m assuming Denmark is pretty much Norway’s bitch, which is to say I think Norway will be even more fun. I am hoping it is very dark and cold and that there are black metal bands playing in the streets wherever I go, but even if I just get to check out a couple nice coffee shops and maybe some lovely architecture, that would be cool, too. Also, if I could get a Norwegian T-shirt at some point, I’d be into that.

What can we expect from your gigs in Norway?
– I try to bring extreme heat in all situations and Norway will be no different. I am hoping to bring a guitar with me so that I might do a bit of face melting in addition to just telling jokes and eventually taking my shirt off. I have a hotel but if I wake up on someone’s bathroom floor the morning after my shows, I’d be fine with that, too. I am showing up for life with guns blazing.

Before coming to Norway, what kind of research have you done? Could you sum up Norway in a couple of sentences?
– According to my iPhone, it’s actually colder in New York City, where I live, right now, so I am excited for balmy Norway. I might still bring a coat, though, just for the look. I am hoping Norway is equal parts Henrik Ibsen and Darkthrone. As far as summing up Norway goes, I believe it to be the mightiest land in all of Europe and I expect to leave a full-on Viking or some other cool guy with a big beard and a taste for lutefisk. Then again, if things go either really well or really badly, I might never leave.

One of our favorite posts on the internet ever is your review of Def Leppard and Poison. What are the best and most rockin gigs you’ve seen lately, could you give us a short review of the best gig you’ve seen the last six months?
– Thank you. The Def Leppard and Poison concert was pretty sweet and it was even sweeter with me in attendance. I’d like to think I inspired the bands to take things to the next level. As far as the best gig I’ve seen in the last six months, I saw High on Fire a few weeks ago and my hair practically burst into flames from all the heat they were bringing. I was worried someone would have to turn a hose on me or something. Matt Pike was so shirtless, I couldn’t even bring myself to take my shirt off because everyone in the crowd probably would have had a seizure from our combined sex appeal. Also, this goes without saying, but a lot of chicks at the show wanted to bone me. I had to focus on rocking though, so I sent them home disappointed. Even so, they probably all got pregnant just from looking at me. Kvelertak from Norway opened and they were pretty sweet. That guy had his shirt off, too, but Matt Pike seemed even more shirtless for some reason.

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