Spilleliste Pyro # 554

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Publisert 23:00 14 May, 2013


Jesse og Adam fra Killswitch Engage plukket favoritter, vi intervjuet Oslo Faenskap og spilte en haug med deilig rock. Hele listen her.

Megadeth-Head Crusher

Airbourne-Live It Up

Kill City Bandits-Kiss Kiss

Iron Maiden-Iron Maiden

Nekromantheon-Blood Wisdom

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats-Poison Apple

Suicidal Tendencies-Who’s Afraid

Remorse Is For The Dead-Death Would Be A Blessing

Oslo Faenskap intervju

Oslo Faenskap-When I Lie

Judas Priest-Out In The Cold

Haraball-Meat N’ Spirit

Purson-Spiderwood Farm

Killswitch Engage valgte låter i en time:

Killswitch Engage-In Due Time

Kvelertak-Bruane Brenn

At The Gates-Slaughter Of The Soul

Alice In Chains-Rain When I Die

Bad Brains-Banned In D.C.

Meshuggah-Soul Burn

Black Sabbath-Never Say Die

Carcass-Exhume To Consume

The Clash-Janie Jones


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